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As daylight goes the concrete glows

The culmination of over two years research and development, Bespoke Concrete are proud to announce NITECRETE™.

Nitecrete™ brings an exciting new dimension in concrete production and development, incorporating technology to keep concrete surfaces luminous for many hours.

A beautiful aggregate finish offering a luminescent glow as night falls.

Non radioactive and non toxic, Nitecrete™ is naturally charged by daylight (UV light) so requires no batteries or electrical connections.

Nitecrete™ is available in green, sky blue and aqua blue.

Nitecrete™ has an international patent pending and is a Trademark of Bespoke Concrete Products.

The advantages of luminous concrete surfaces, especially in areas without power or prone to extended power outages are clear. It is ideally suited for areas of high traffic (vehicle or pedestrian) including sidewalks and kerbs for safety. It can also enhance architectural buildings, brighten hospital and airport car parks and also be used in remote areas where there is no electricity.


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