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Bespoke Concrete Products produce a wide range of specialist products and key to that portfolio is product and process innovation.  This has been led over the last three years by by our Research and Development Manager, Stuart Hedley.  His team of highly skilled craftspeople and technicians are constantly looking at innovative products and processes.  We have recently been working in collaboration with the Universities of Bath, Newcastle and Edinburgh to develop a new and exciting range of concrete products and processes.

Soil Solution Panels

These panels are a “self-retaining” structure for retaining earth and soil.  Designed by Soil Solutions International and manufactured by us this is a manufacturing system consisting of bed casting with an internal vibratory system that enables swift and accurate production of these panels.

Environmental Concrete


From our production facility at Tynedale Works in Prudhoe, Northumberland, Bespoke Concrete Products has created a glow in the dark concrete .  Nitecrete™ brings an exciting new dimension in concrete production and development.  Nitecrete™ incorporates technology to keep concrete surfaces luminous for many hours.

Nitecrete™ offers a renewable light source that has no carbon emissions which not only saves money but the environment too. Nitecrete™ has no need for electrical power, is non-radioactive and non-toxic, and is naturally charged by daylight (UV light) so requires no batteries or electrical connections.

Greenway Project

This concrete mix design was developed for the Olympic Delivery Authority.  Our castings enabled the ODA to significantly reduce their carbon footprint for the 2012 Olympic Games held in London.  These castings were also highly polished to enhance the appearance as well as providing a sound surface to allow easy maintenance particularly from graffiti.  We have developed a range of concrete mixes that can have up to 55% cement reduction by the implementation of pulverised fuel ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag.

Mould Development

We have been able to improve the quality of our concrete finishes and complexity of designs by using latex GRP fibreglass and tissue liners for our moulds.


As part of our ongoing research and development programme we are always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions to both our products and processes.

Concrete has so many applications that can be both structural as well as aesthetic solutions.

We are currently looking at a whole range of interesting products and ideas which will offer the benefits of reduction in weight and increases in strength.  This will take our products into new market segments.

The company regularly consults with national and international centres of excellence as well as developing key partnerships within our industry.  We are constantly looking to develop new ideas and products and we are always open for discussion and debate.

We often find that the leap from concept to reality is quite challenging for the designer.

We are often called in by clients to provide the practical solutions needed to bring products to market or to site.


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