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Bespoke Concrete offers a wide range of colours and finishes for all of our concrete products whether it be something we offer as a standard product and an item which is unique to your project.  We have in our standard colours range many shades of grey, buff, white, black and red and also some bright turquoise and pink shades.  We can customise any of mixes or create a new one to match what is required for a project.  We achieve the various concrete colours through a careful blending of coarse and fine aggregates together with specific cement ratios.

We avoid the use of pigments in our standard range of colours, preferring to rely on the inherent natural beauty that comes from the use of indigenous natural aggregates.

The standard concrete we produce is integrally coloured so the colour is the same throughout the product.  This proves crucial in the even that a unit is damaged or chipped after being placed as the colour of the underlying material would not differ from the original product.

Concrete Colours

Concrete Finishes

DRESSED FINISH - A dressed finish is the standard finish we offer on all of our units (unless otherwise specified).  A dressed finish is a smooth surface achieved by hand rubbing to produce a flat matt surface

SATIN SHINE FINISH - A satin shine finish offers a slight sheen on all surfaces of the unit and enhances the base colour of the unit.    Satin shine is a sleek finish achieved by mechanical buffing and then applying a solved based polymer sealer.  This also has the benefit of inhibiting organic growth and reduces routine maintenance.

DELUXE POLISH FINISH (to top of unit only):

A deluxe polished finish is a process which exposes a smooth finish to the concrete on to top face of the unit and exposes the aggregate underneath the surface (sides are dressed finish).  It can be used to show the different colours of aggregate within the concrete to great aesthetic effect.


ACID ETCH FINISH - An acid etch finish describes varying levels of texture applied by washing the units with varying concentrations of acidic solution.  This can be from a light acid etch (similar to an ashlar sandstone/limestone finish) through to a heaver acid etch (similar to a picked/stippled finish).

EXPOSED AGGREGATE FINISH - An exposed aggregate finish uses various techniques to expose the aggregate to produce an interesting and colourful textured finish.  Particularly useful to produce decorative solutions to slip hazards or anti vagrant criteria.


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