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Bespoke Concrete’s Commercial Director, Tony Kay accepted the Northumberland Green Business Award  at a special celebration dinner at Linden Hall near Longhorsley in November.  This annual event, is organised by North East Press and Tweeddale Press to recognise and celebrate the achievements of businesses from across the county.

Bespoke Concrete is committed to  reducing their own carbon footprint in-house working within the guidelines of ISO14001 and contributing on a grander scale with the Research and Development team actively looking to develop new products which are more environmentally sustainable. One such product patent pending is Nitecrete™.  This eco-friendly product offers a renewable light source that emits no carbon emissions.


Bespoke Concrete are continuously looking at ways of improving standards in our products and our working environment. Therefore, we are proud to have achieved the ISO 14001 accreditation. This International Standard relates to environmental management which exists to help businesses minimise waste and reduce energy consumption. Helping them to comply with environmental laws and regulations and continually improve upon these standards.   Environmental management representative, Peter Redman, said “We are delighted to have received this accreditation.  Everyone has worked really hard to ensure that they are doing all they can in the workplace to reduce our carbon footprint. It is the culmination of over a year of working towards recognition and proves that we are committed to manufacturing innovative products in an environmentally-responsible way.”  Martin Kay, Managing Director, added “It’s another great achievement for our team and I am very proud of the way our Company is embracing the environmental agenda”.


Bespoke Concrete Products is delighted to announce it has successfully completed the annual audit of its ISO 9001 certification.

Bespoke Concrete Products commitment to quality manufactured products and customer satisfaction has been rigorously proven and demonstrated by an independent body.  This means that customers can be assured that any work carried out is to standards of the highest level at every stage, starting from your initial enquiry, right through the manufacturing process and the final delivery of your product.

Quality Representative Michelle Walton says, “ISO 9001 is based around the principles of customer satisfaction, continual improvement and the development of a processed based quality system.  Being ISO 9001 accredited shows that we are a customer focussed organisation, that we have good leadership and a systematic approach to management, that we ensure that all of our staff are highly skilled and that we continually review and improve the service we offer to our customers.”

Martin Kay, Managing Director of Bespoke Concrete Products, added “ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to providing the best value and quality products to our clients and also further enhances the level of confidence Bespoke Concrete Products can continue to exhibit to its clients now and in the future.”


Bespoke Concrete Products are proud to hold Investors in People recognition.

Michelle Walton works closely with all employees ensuring that the learning and development of the employees and apprentices is ongoing.  As an ISO 9001 accredited company Michelle knows the benefits of IIP and how it seamlessly fits into Bespoke Concrete Products current quality standards and in turn benefit not only the employees but also their growing client base.

The IIP report commented:

“The company has a clear vision for the direction of the company and they are involving and developing their people as they move forward.”

“The company has a very strong training and teamwork ethos.”

“The commitment of staff … was remarkable considering the pace of change….”

“Bespoke Concrete Products has made great strides in making improvements in the way their people are managed and developed and they are reaping the benefits of this…”

Martin Kay, Managing Director said in his summary to the employees “I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone for the work put in to achieving this prestigious status.  Investors in People means exactly that, we are investing in people like you to make this business more successful that in turn helps to secure all of our futures in terms of employment, personal growth and development. Well done to you all for an outstanding achievement”.


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