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Martin Kay Managing Director

Martin has been with the company for five years.  Coming from a manufacturing and marketing background, with numerous successful business ventures behind him, Martin has developed a strong management team with the vision of driving our business.  He has introduced a tiered management structure with clear roles and responsibilities for each team member.

This collaborative approach is already reaping rewards both within the company and more importantly with our customers.  The drive into new markets and products has been over the last two years the real impetus to the increased levels of activity.

Always approachable and sensitive to the needs of the business, Martin has established himself as a real leader and innovator.

Contact Martin on 01661 839340 or by email

Tony Kay Commercial Director

Tony is a chartered surveyor and has had a successful career in project management.  He has worked as client, consultant and contractor.  However, his passion in recent years has focussed in the possibilities of materials, particularly masonry products.  Having been involved with Bespoke Concrete Products over a number of key projects in recent years Tony was delighted to take up the position as Commercial Director.  Tony can assist in developing schemes to explore the opportunities offered by precast concrete and is the first port of call for pricing enquiries.

Contact Tony on 01661 839340 or by email

Stuart Hedley Research and Development Manager

Stuart joined our company in 2010 on a graduate placement programme from Sunderland University.  He initially focussed on projects that have reduced the carbon footprint of our concrete as well as leading other exciting and innovative projects.

Stuart impressed the company so much with his knowledge and enthusiasm that he was offered a permanent position when his placement ended.  Stuart is committed to ensuring our products continue to reach the high standards set at Bespoke Concrete Products and that we continue to be ‘ahead of the game’ with our ever increasing range of concrete colours and finishes.

Stuart can be contacted 01661 839340 or by email

Michelle Walton Operations Manager

Michelle joined our company in 2010 and as Operations Manager is involved in ensuring all processes and procedures within the company are efficient and effective.   Michelle works as the interface between clients and production and is committed to ensuring that all requirements and specifications are met with.

Michelle can be contacted 01661 839340 or by email


Mike Moody Technical Consultant

Mike has been involved with Bespoke Concrete for nearly 30 years and is now an Advisor to the company.  Mike is also focussing on the installation team partnership working between Bespoke Concrete and his other business Classic Masonry.  Mike has been able to provide the opportunity for customers to have a full service package from design, manufacture through to delivery and installation.  Mike has 32 years’ experience in the construction industry where he began life as a stonemason.  His acquired knowledge in construction services and materials has helped our Bespoke Concrete to explore new avenues of application for our products.

Mike can be contacted 01661 839340 or email

Mark Lee Factory Foreman

Mark began his career as an Apprentice and has worked his way up to Factory Foreman.  His knowledge of our industry is second to none and he oversees all the production acting as the liaison between our management, technical and production teams.

Nathan Wills Wet Cast Team Leader

Nathan is our Wet Cast Team leader and ensures that production runs smoothly.

Ray Campbell Dispatch Team Leader

Ray gets all our units ready for dispatch.


Neil Pattinson Pattern Shop Team Leader

Neil oversees all the work in our pattern shop where all of our moulds are made.


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